U-shaped Animal Headrest Protection Pillow

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    • FASHIONABLE & CUTE - Baby Animal Headrest Neck Protection that is attractive and fashionable - a perfect gift- Cute Shape - long lasting as well. Avoid discomfort rubbing and irritation from the seat belt. Can Use as Decoration. Use for backpack strap cover.


    • ARE YOU SLEEPY and TIRED ? Do you use phone all the time, with neck bent down like everyone in the modern society today. You can use it on your neck , back and head - Its versatile.


    • DEAL FOR TRAVEL - home, airline travel or office use when making your paperwork in front of computer or reading books on chair or sofa or relaxing in airplane seat. Its a must have for that domestic or international airplane trip where you need a good quality pillow to get some good sleep and rest - reaching your destination rejuvenated and fresh.


    • DURABLE - Made from Soft Cotton and Durable filling that is strong stitched to last a long time.